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Friday, 12 February 2010

Los Llanos Carnival Programme for the Weekend

Sorry, I don't know Los Llanos nearly so well, so I can't tell you where to find things. But they're usually quite loud, so I suggest you just follow the noise.

Friday 12th

22:00 Masked dance with live music
22:00 Carnival kiosks

Saturday 13th
10:30 Table Tennis
12:00 "The Great Powder"

Sunday 14th
11:00 Table Tennis

Monday 15th
11:00 Activities for children
22:00 Carnival dance with live music

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Santa Cruz de la Palma Carnival Programme for the Weekend

Santa Cruz de la Palma Carnival Programme 2010
Santa Cruz de la Palma will be starting Carnival tonight. If you're staying in town, it's a great spectacle, but you should probably buy ear-plugs, as the music will be loud, and most nights it will go on until about 2 am. On Monday there will still be people partying at dawn.

Where things are:
The Alameda Square is at the north end of town, next to the concrete ship.
The main carnival stage is on the sea-front car park - just follow the sound of music.
The Plaza España is just south of where the main street crosses El Puente - the main road perpendicular to the sea-front. Follow the main street until you find the crowd and the music.
The Post Office is at the southern end of the main street, Calle O'Daly. Come out of the port and turn left, or go to the tourist information office and look for the crowd.
The Cuadrilátero is a little difficult to explain. From the port, head along the sea-front for a block, then go one block inland.
The Balconies stage. Go along the sea-front until you see the famous, 17th century balconies
Avenida los Indianos is the main road heading south out of town, to the big roundabout.

Don't Drink and Drive
The legal limit for blood alcohol in Spain is 0.05%, which is lower than the UK. It's about two units of alcohol for most people, but a traditional rum and coke often contains three units. There will be extra buses and plenty of taxis.

Friday 12th
6 pm Kids' Parade from the Alameda square to the main carnival stage, followed by live music at the stage.
10 pm Live music at the main carnival stage

Saturday 13th Ambasadors' Parade
10 am Live music in the Alameda Square
6 pm Official reception and parade from the Post Office to the Alameda Square, with accompanying bands, followed by live music in the Alameda Square.
9 pm Concert by the Oxford Music Band in the Plaza España
11 pm Concert of music from the 60s and 70s in the Cuadrilátero
11 pm Live music at the main carnival stage

Sunday 14th
12 noon Live music in various bits of town
4 pm Football Derby in the stadium at the top of Avenida el Puente
6 pm Basketball match at the Miraflores stadium (out of town.)
7pm Batucada (lots and lots of drums) in the main streets
10 pm Live music at the main carnival stage

Monday 15th LOS INDIANOS
Los Indianos parade, Santa Cruz de la Palma 2007

The big one! This is why some supermarkets are selling 25 kg sacks of talc. See here for an explanation and here and here for photos of other years. The ferry from Tenerife will arrive absolutely packed with foot passengers who've come to party. Don't miss it unless you have lung problems. The local bus company is laying on lots and lots of extra buses.

10 am The waiting. People mill around the Plaza de España, officially waiting for the boat bringing the Indianos - their relatives back from Venezuela and Cuba. Live Cuban music until 12:30 pm

12 noon - 2 pm Local group Vrandan at the Balconies stage

12:30 pm More live Cuban music with a local carnival character, Tomasa the black lady

1:30 pm Dancing procession of the Indianos and Tomasa from the Plaza de España to the main Carnival stage.

2 pm - 1 am Live Cuban music pretty much everywhere.

5 pm THE PROCESSION from Avenida los Indianos to the Alameda Square

1 am - 6 am Live Cuban music at the main Carnival stage.

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Puntagorda's Almond Blossom Fiesta

Puntagorda fiesta: almond blossomPuntagorda fiesta: almond blossom

La Palma isn't a big island, but it still takes almost 2 hours to drive from Breña Baja to Puntagorda. I found most of the blossom had been spoiled by the bad weather last week, but it was still pretty. (In a good year, the whole hillside turns pink.) Then I got sidetracked into visiting a friend's barbecue, and very nice, too. I finally got to the main fiesta just as they were packing up, at 10 pm. This is amazingly early for a Canarian fiesta, but they danced half the night on Saturday, and they all had to get up on Monday morning.

Puntagorda fiesta: Hippy playing a didgeridooPuntagorda fiesta: Hippy playing a didgeridoo

A lot of German hippies live in and around Puntagorda, and they seem to get on very well with the locals. Here's one playing the didgeridoo at the end of the fiesta.

Puntagorda fiesta: the debrisPuntagorda fiesta: the debris

You can see that people had a good time! One of the locals was embarrassed to see my photographing this, but I don't like rooms that are so tidy you're scared to sit down, and I think villages are supposed to get messy when they've had a good party. Besides, the street cleaners were already hard at work, and I expect it'll all be clean and tidy by the time I post this.

Puntagorda fiesta, La Palma: The last bar openPuntagorda fiesta: The last bar open

Even though the band had left, and most of the stalls were packing up, a few people still gathered round the last open bar. As usual, people were merry, but nobody was outright drunk, and nobody was annoying. In fact I got two offers of bed and breakfast, but neither gentleman took offence when I said that, sorry, I was going home to my husband.

Puntagorda fiesta: the last few revelersPuntagorda fiesta: the last few revelers

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