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Friday, 20 March 2009

Sahara Dust

Satellite shot of Saharan dust blowing over the Canary Islands

After an colder-than-average winter, the temperatures here have shot up. This happens whenever the trade winds give way to calima - a hot, dry wind and dust blowing from the Sahara. We used to get it only in summer, but for the last few years it's been happening earlier in the year.

Actually, it's really nice at this time of year. Suddenly it's warm enough to sit on the beach, even if you haven't just flown in from northern Europe. The only catch is that it does tend to spoil landscape photos. Whereas in summer, it's frankly too hot. Anything over about 35ºC, and I start to melt.

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Peter Hermans

Art by Peter
Abstract garden sculpture, by Peter Hermans

Peter Hermans is a Dutch artist and sculptor currently living in Puntagorda. After studying at the Stads Academie Maastricht, in the Netherlands, and then at the Toronto College of Art, in Canada, he sold several of his sculptures to the governments of Holland, Canada, and the USA.

Art by Peter
Wall plaque, by Peter Hermans

Then in 2006, while he was in Italy, disaster struck. Peter had a stroke which left him completely paralysed. The doctors fully expected it to be permanent.

But Peter had a lot of support from his wife and friends, and above all, enormous determination. Amazingly, just two years later, he's working again. Only in short sessions, but working.

Peter and his wife Ita
Peter and his wife Ita in the studio

His house is full of art: sculptures in bronze, wax, plaster and clay, and brightly-coloured paintings in oils and watercolour. Some of his work is abstract, but most of it celebrates physical love between a man and woman. I love it, but I want you to be able to show this blog to your granny.

You can contact Peter by phone at: 

Art by Peter
Bronze sculpture, by Peter Hermans

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