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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Public Holidays next week and for 2010

Monday and Tuesday are public holidays in Spain

Constitution Day is normally December 6th, but since that was a Sunday, everybody gets Monday off instead. And Tuesday, December 8th is Immaculate Conception. Most shops will be shut for both days, although by law, food shops can't shut for 48 hours straight, and more shops will open in tourist areas.

While I'm on the subject, here's a list of public holidays for 2010
  • 1 January - New Year (Año Nuevo)
  • 6 January - Epiphany / Three Kings Day (Epifanía)
  • 1 April - Easter Thursday (Jueves Santo)
  • 2 April - Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
  • 1 May - Labour Day (Fiesta del Trabajo)
  • 30 May - Canaries Day (Día de Canarias) CANARIES ONLY
  • 12 October - National Day (Fiesta Nacional de España)
  • 1 November - All Saints (Todos los Santos)
  • 6 December - Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución)
  • 8 December - Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción)
  • 25 December - Christmas Day (Natividad del Señor).
Besides which, next year La Palma will have the big fiesta called the Bajada, in July and August, (more about that another time) and most villages will have a local fiesta when it's their church's saint's day.


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