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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Santa Cruz Carnival Programme for the weekend

Spain celebrates Carnival in the week before the season of Lent. I always say people are making sure they have something really juicy to repent, but these days most people just regard it as a darn good excuse for a party.

The funfair's already here, and the main programme starts on Friday.

Friday, 20th February

6 pm. Opening Parade
Children from the schools and nurseries will parade from the Plaza de la Alameda (the concrete ship) to the Carnival stage (the sea-front car park.) Each class has a different costume, and a lot of them will be seriously cute. The parade includes several bands and drumming groups (batucadas).

8 pm. Music (probably salsa) and dancing at the main carnival stage.

Saturday 21st February

11 am to 1pm Cuban Music
In the Plaza de la Alameda.

6 pm The Ambassador's Parade
Men in carnival costume, dressed as Japanese and Cuban ladies
Everyone welcome. Come dressed as the ambassadors for whichever country you fancy. (See photos of the 2006 parade here) or just watch. The parade will run from near the port to the concrete ship, accompanied by bands. On arrival at the Plaza Alameda, there will be Cuban music.

9 pm - 11pm Music from the 60s and 70s
In the Plaza de la Alameda.

9pm Concert by la Banda de Oxford.
In the Plaza España. (That's the triangular "square" near the main road up the hill.)

11pm Verbena Popular (music and dancing)
Music by the live bands Arena Caliente and Salsaludando at the main carnival stage.

Sunday 22nd February

12 noon. Performances by the group Renacer in various places along the Calle Real.

6 pm. Drumming festival (Batucada), with drumming bands from all over the island performing in the main streets.

8:30 pm. Festival «Young Solists» at the carnival stage.

10 pm Public dance with music by the group Geniales at the carnival stage.

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