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Monday, 1 February 2010

It's Raining on La Palma

Some people think it never rains in La Palma. Well, it's the greenest of the Canary Islands for a very simple reason. And right now, it's busy getting greener. In fact, we have an official orange weather alert, and all school is cancelled for tomorrow, for the whole archipelago.

The thing is, it's not raining all that much, at last not here. It's just like a wet day in Wales.

I suppose it's rather like the way Britain grind to a halt with the sort of snowfall that wouldn't bother a Siberian at all. And of course here, the rain is at last warm.

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At 2 February 2010 19:23:00 WET , OpenID julescj said...

We were expecting a deluge in Lanzarote but not seen a drop today, certainly didn't warrant the schools being closed. The sea was angry and there have been heavy clouds and fog like conditions but normal for the UK!!


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