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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Road to the Roque Blocked

The road from Santa Cruz to the Roque is blocked by snow at least until midday tomorrow. It's open on the Garafía side, but only to 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Years ago, when I was on duty overnight at the Roque in winter, it was part of my job to check the road in the morning to see whether or not it was safe for cars to come up to site. One morning, I found two German tourists who had driven past the "road closed" sign, ignored all the snow and ice they could see out of the car windows ("It can't be really bad. We're in the Canaries!") and kept going until they slid into the ditch at the side of the road and couldn't get out.

They'd spent the whole night there, turning on the engine every now and then to run the heater, and they were very pleased to see me.

So I very seriously suggest that you don't try and get to the Roque in a normal car at the moment. Hypothermia could really spoil your holiday.

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