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Monday, 22 June 2009

Archways for the Sacred Heart

Ahem. When I said "...more photos tomorrow", I actually meant "maƱana".

The salt carpets aren't the only thing. They also make wonderful archways, similar to those in Mazo. Well, as you can see, these days some of them aren't arches. In this case the carpet is leaves from tree-heathers, laid down with a garden seive. Like the ones in Mazo, they're decorated with seeds and flowers.

Unlike the ones in Mazo, a lot of the fine detail is done with crushed and dyed eggshells.

This archway features the twelve apostles.

Centuries ago, the Virgin Mary appeared in a pine tree in the mountains above the village. (More on that another day.)

And this one celebrates the local silk industry. (More on that another day, too.)

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