An Octupus and a Sardine

The Octopus’s funeral has been rescheduled for Friday 26th. The procession will leave the pharmacy at 8 pm and make its way to the beach, where the octopus will be cremated. There will be fireworks and dancing. Everybody welcome.This is a new fiesta, so it’ll be interesting to see Meanwhile the sardine’s funeral at Los Sauces will take place on Saturday 27th. The percussion music starts at 8 pm and…

February 23, 2010

Footpath from Charco-Azul to Puerto Espindola

La Palma has a nice, new seaside footpath, which runs from Charco-Azul to Puerto Espindola, in the municipality of San Andres and Sauces. It’s been under construction for some time. My friends in Franceses went along to see how it was progressing, and found themselves in the middle of the official opening. Footpath from Charco Azul to Puerto Espindola. Photo: Helen Bennett Charco Azul has salt-water swimming pools, rather like…

July 21, 2009

Flags Galore

You see a lot of flags on La Palma. Most English visitors will recognise the flags of Spain and the European Union. But the Canary Islands are an autonomous region within Spain, and they have their own flag too. You see it a lot, especially around May 30th, which is Canary Day. And then each island has its own flag. Here’s the flag of La Palma: And as if that…

June 16, 2008