Jorge Beda Exhibition

Jorge Beda lives on La Palma, but he will be having an exhibition of painting and sculpture on Tenerife, at the Casa de Cultura in Los Cristianos from January 27th – February 28th. The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday, and entrance is free.

January 24, 2014

Art Exhibition in Los Sauces: Update

The Awwa art and design collective, temporarily opened an art gallery and creative studio in San Andrés y Sauces, where it organized the first inaugural group exhibition titled ISLAND 2.0 which brings together outstanding artists of the islands of La Palma and Tenerife. The exhibition will run from September 13 until October 15 and unites several emerging and established artists working around modern art in Palma, such as Peter Faust,…

September 12, 2013

More on the Craft Fair

The fair is even better than I thought. It turns out that there’s 100 stalls of non-edible craft work, (although some exhibitors have half a stand) and 20 of food and drink. The non-edible stuff includes lots of embroidery, crochet, tatting, leather work, felting, traditional folk dress, wooden boxes and bowls, notebooks and photo albums made of banana paper, paper and glass beads, wrought iron work, several very different styles…

August 16, 2013

Art Exhibitions

There are at least two art exhibitions well worth a visit in Santa Cruz de La Palma at the moment. Jorge Beda and Merche Martin Morillo have a retrospective exhibition a the College of Architects (on the Calle real or the sea front, just north of the Placeta). Amazingly, some of the paintings are just 30€. They’re open from Monday to Frieday, 10:30am – 1 pm and 6 pm-8:30 pm…

March 26, 2013

An Exhibition of Model Ships

Santa Cruz de la Palma is still celebrating the anniversary of defeating Drake. In Palacio Salazar, there’s an exhibition of model ships, mostly from the Napoleonic wars. Now model ships aren’t really my thing, but it’s worth a quick visit just because they’re so beautifully detailed. (And if you haven’t seen Palacio Salazar, that’s worth a visit too.) The exhibition fills up the ground and first floor, and contains perhaps…

November 14, 2012

Exhibition comparing Mars and Earth

There’s a great exhibition about the Earth and Mars in Palacio Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma until Saturday May 26th. It features scale models of the two planets, lots of great photos of Mars, and explains the similarities and differences in geology, atmosphere and weather, and hydrology. Even better, they have a genuine meteorite from Mars which you can actually touch. The exhibition is open from 9 am…

May 14, 2012