A Breathtaking Window on the Universe

“A Breathtaking Window on the Universe: A guide to the observatory at the Roque de los Muchachos SECOND EDITION” By Sheila M. Crosby (Non-Fiction Paperback) 164 pages (16 more than the first edition) Welcome to the Roque de Los Muchachos, where 15 telescopes from 19 nations use the best night sky in Europe to explore the cosmos. Find out what it’s like to work in this strange world above the clouds….

December 10, 2014

Book extract: Mr Pock-Pock

This is the first page of “Mr Pock-Pock”, one of the stories in my anthology, “The Seer’s Stone”. Click on the link for a larger version. It makes a great Christmas present for a child aged between 10 and 12. You can get more information about the book (and how to buy it) here.

December 3, 2014

An anthology of Children’s stories about La Palma

This is an anthology of children’s stories set on La Palma, all over the island and at times from 1493 to the near future. The paperback book is available in English and Spanish. (148 pages, A5) Take a journey through La Palma’s turbulent past, into its present and out into the exciting future. Chedey will tell you how his world collapsed when the Spanish conquered the Island in 1493, Althay…

November 23, 2014

Book Day

It’s World Book Day, the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth and Cervantes’s death. And as usual, La Palma is celebrating. There will be kiosks selling books all along the Calle Real in Santa Cruz (the main street, parallel to the sea front). I’m happy to say that a couple of them have my own book. The Cabildo (island government) will be leaving books scattered over the island for anyone to pick…

April 23, 2013

Where to buy the guide books to the observatory

This guide book is now on sale from the Dragon Tree Publishing website, or from the following shops: Santa Cruz de La Palma Libreria Trasera La Molina Artesania Best of La Palma Papiro Libros Casa Fideo San Pedro Museo del Puro Libreria la Estrella Los Cancajos Artesania Las Nieves Bazar Costa Souvenir (beside Costa Salinas) Mazo El Molino Casa Roja/Belmaco Los Llanos Maria Luisa (Just below the church) Tijarafe El…

April 10, 2013