The Sardine’s Funerals 2011

Poster for the Sardine in Puntallana, 2011
Poster for the Sardine in Puntallana

How many funerals can you hold for a sardine? On La Palma, at least five.

Los Llanos and Santa Cruz have already held theirs, but Puntalllana’s is on Friday night at 10 pm, and it’s got a 1960s theme. Public dance afterwards.

The most famous sardine’s funeral on the island is at Los Sauces. This year it will be on Saturday 19th, with batucada (serious percussion) at 8 pm, drag queens at 8:30 pm and the funeral itself at 9:30 pm. Public dance afterwards.

Los Cancajos will hold a carnival parade along the main street on Friday 18th at 5:30 pm and on Saturday 19th at 6 pm there’s a children’s fiesta in front of the Centro Comercial Cancajos.

Poster for Carnival in Los Cancajos, 2011
Poster for Carnival in Los Cancajos

And finally, Barlovento will cremate their sardine on Saturday the 26th at 9 pm, with the theme “ancient civilizations”. Public dance afterwards.

The Sardine's funeral in Los Sauces, 2008
The Sardine's funeral in Los Sauces

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