Carnival programme for Monday and Tuesday: Santa Cruz and Los Llanos

Monday 7th March Santa Cruz de la Palma Los Indianos For most people, this is the big event. Many poor Palmerans emigrated to Cuba and Venezuela. This fiesta celebrates the ones who came home rich. Everybody dresses in white, some have suitcases full of monopoly money, and it’s a giant talc-throwing fight. You can see the timetable at 10:00 h. Waiting for the return of the emigrants in the…

March 6, 2011

Carnival on La Palma

Carnival is a big deal in La Palma. By now we’re all fed up with the (relatively) cold, wet weather and ready for some fun. Carnival is just what we need: an explosion of colour and music with a dash of lunacy before Lent. I always say people are making sure they have something really juicy to repent, but these days most people just regard it as a darn good…

March 4, 2011

Los Cancajos market

La Palma has a new weekly market, this time at the popular tourist resort of Los Cancajos.  It’s open on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm, at the south end of the sea front, near the Las Olas hotel. There’s another fairly new market that takes place on Fridays from 4-9 pm at Finca La Principal, just off the old airport in Breña Alta. And of course, Santa Cruz…

November 7, 2010

Tobacco in La Palma

I don’t smoke, so everything I know about Palmeran cigars is from hearsay. But they seem to have a very good reputation. Certainly Winston Churchill was known to be a fan, and certainly they get shipped off to the Spanish royal family. Most of the tobacco farms on the island are in Santa Cruz, Breña Baja, and especially Breña Alta. Typically, the crop is grown in tiny fields and given…

October 4, 2010


As far as I know, they only have pandorgas on La Palma. These are frames of balsa wood, covered with tissue paper to make a lantern, and decorated. Tonight, they’ll put candles inside them, and have a procession starting at 9:30 pm. It’ll run along A. Rodríguez López, Plaza de la Cruz del Tercero, calle Pérez de Brito, placeta de Borrero, calles Álvarez de Abreu, Lemus, O’Daly, Pérez de Brito…

July 12, 2010

Programme for Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th

9 am Children’s sport Canoeing in the port Aerobics in Calle O Daly Basketball in the sport area, just outside the port of Santa Cruz Skating in the sea front car park Tai Chi Plaza José Mata Death slide / zip wireSanta Catalina castle Cycling A route around the town 11 am Children’ ballet, “The Dance of the Mermaids” First performance: Plaza de la Alameda; Second Acera Ancha; third: Plaza…

July 10, 2010