The fire’s controlled

The forest fire in Mazo is under control, after burning 1,700 hectars. And this seems like a good moment to mention that Canary Pines are amazing survivors. They can burn for hours, and then only a few days after the autumn rains begin, the new shoots sprout straight out of the bark.  It’s beautiful to see.

August 8, 2012

Fire in Mazo

[UPDATE 11 PM: People will soon be able to go back to their houses in Tigalate and Tiguerote, but the authorities are planning the evacuation of Montes de Luna.] We have another fire, in Mazo, near La Sabina.  One front is burning uphill, pushed by 35 km/h winds.  The other is heading for Fuencaliente. About 70 people have been evacuated from the villages of Tigalate and Tiguerote. The road is…

August 4, 2012

Fire in El Paso

A forest fire is burning near Montaña Quemada in El Paso. The last I heard, it had burned 400 hectares and the fire-fighters were trying to keep it inside the lava flows which form a natural fire-break. 100 people have been evacuated from Tajuya, Piedra Blanca, Juliana y La Moradita, and the old tunnel through the Cumbre had been closed (the new, lower tunnel is bi-directional). There’s a much bigger…

July 17, 2012