A (mostly) Fish Restaurant – Casa Goyo

Some of the tables at Casa Goyo
Some of the tables at Casa Goyo

Casa Goyo mostly serves fish that was swimming around last night. The décor isn’t posh, although they’ve gone upmarket since I arrived on La Palma and swapped the earth floor for a concrete one. Most of the tables are in little concrete or wooden booths.

The restaurant itself is at the end of the airport runway, which means that conversations have to stop when a plane comes into land. That would be dreadful at Heathrow, but it won’t happen more than once or twice during your meal, and most kids love the close up view. (Some big kids, too.) In fact, my son used to play at shooting at the planes with a pencil.

The menu is simple: starters, fish, and meat with potatoes and salad, and a choice of desserts. But as I say, the fish was swimming last night.

The restaurant started as a lunch counter for the construction workers at the airport. The food was so good that they told everyone else, and they expanded the seating area and registered officially as a restaurant

Their website is http://casagoyo.es/

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