A new beach

Santa Cruz de La Palma from the Concepción headland
Santa Cruz de La Palma from the Concepción headland

Santa Cruz de La Palma has been working on a new beach for some time. The idea is to create better sea defences (very necessary with global climate change) which look good.

I’ve always rather liked the idea, although we all dislike the lack of parking space while the work goes on. Now that it’s nearing completion, I think the idea’s getting rather more popular. At the northern end, the sea walls are done, and they’re making the beach. that’s the black zone towards the top of the photo. (The southern end isn’t nearly so far along.)

When I say they’re making the beach, they’re spraying it. There’s a dredger out in the bay, feeding sand into a long, fat pipe, which sprays it onto the beach where the big diggers spread it out.

Apparently the whole town of Santa Cruz de La Palma has a new hobby – watching the sand spray onto the new beach. All day long there are people – grown ups – watching the mo-mos. Because they’re hypnotic.

Do come and see the show if you can.

How to make a new beach, Santa Cruz de La Palma, October, 2014
How to make a new beach

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