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  1. Hi Sheila I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I visited La Palma about eight years ago whilst looking for a Holiday property and eventually for retirement and I have to say fell head over heels, but at the time found it difficult to find english speaking estate agents and had to take into consideration the difficulty of getting to La Palma at that time for short breaks so I bought a little north of Valencia which is ideal with Ryan Air but I still have a hankering for the Isla Bonita so I continue to follow your Blog and when the crisis is over and property is once again selling you will proberly see me down the road.

    Best regards Hil Barrett

  2. I am sadly one of those people leaving on the plane,My dad is from la palma, a small town called los sauces just past san andres,i was lucky enough to live there for 18 months when i was younger,but we ended up moving back to the uk,me having no say in the matter as i was to young,i now have my own family here but my heart belongs in la palma.we visit our family there as often as possible but breaks my heart when we leave.
    It is such a beautiful island hence its name ‘la isla bonita’
    I love the culture and everything that comes with it.
    I just wish i could visit there more than i get to.

    sarah toledo acosta

  3. Found your blog by chance while I was looking for info on Puntallana. We have arranged a stay in the village during July this year when we hope to explore some of your beautiful island

  4. I spent 3 months in the Canary Islands in the beginning of 2000 and loved La Palma. I will visit again sometime. I enjoyed staying at the Los Rosales Apts and wonder whether that area is now over developed? How can I find other English speaking people there? Thanks.

  5. Hi Sheila.
    Thank you for publishing such an informative blog! We are due to arrive in La Palma in 3 weeks time and I am looking online for information and to help us plan things to do. I have a couple questions that I was wondering if you could answer?
    Firstly, you have spoken about caves on the island. Which would you say is the best to visit? I read somewhere that there are ancient cave paintings in some of the caves. Where are these?
    Secondly, we are planning on pre-booking a ticket for the La Cumbrecita car park. I am aware that you have to book a specific time slot, so would like a rough idea of travel times. How long would you say it takes to get there from the resort of Los Cancajos? Looking at the map, it is not far distance wise, but from experience of steep, narrow & winding roads, I’m expecting it to be a slow journey!
    Many thanks!

  6. Found your blog by chance as I was searching for information about La Palma. I fell in love with La Palma in December 2011 when my husband and I spent a week there and we’ve booked to come back soon (December 2012). Loved your pictures and the local news – will visit your website again. I really envy you being able to live there …. trying to work out if there’s any way we could live in the Canary Islands too!

  7. Dear La Palma Island,

    My name is Alex Bramwell and I will be in La Palma at the beginning of October with my photo partner, taking photos for the Canary Islands tourist board (Promotur). We are currently looking for models based on the island. The main criteria is that they look Guiri.

    The info is here: http://www.grancanariasunshine.com/2012/07/models-needed-in-canary-islands.html

    We are happy to pay our models.

    Could you suggest anybody on La Palma who would be interested in modelling?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  8. Hi Sheila

    I have lived in Lanzarote for 9 years but as a family we are thinking of re locating to La Palma, can you help me with my questions please.

  9. I’m happy to try, but I might be a little slow to reply this week and next. I’m putting the finishing touches to my guide book to the observatory.

  10. Hi Sheila, my family are from La Palma, but my mom (spanish) married my dad (south african) and we live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since i can remember, my dream has always been to relocate to La Palma. I am passionate about the island and feel 100% Palmera, its in my blood. I am a quantity surveyor here, but of course the economy on the island, as with the rest of the world, is in shambles at the moment, but I am desperately looking for any opportunities that may exist on the island. I am married and have 2 children (all of us have EU passports). i would love to try and promote the islands stunning artesan products and somehow market them to the rest of the world. Do you have any suggestions? Another avenue I have tried to explore, is that of translating web pages/menus/tour guide books etc from Spanish to english for local companies, restauarnts etc. We are actually coming in December for a holiday and to visit all my family. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. I await your response eagerly….Alexa

  11. Hi Alexa,

    Nice to hear from you!.

    It’s really difficult to get jobs here at the moment, although being a native English speaker does help. There probably isn’t enough translating work to live off, but it’s a useful sideline. There are more tour guides than work available. Yes, the handicrafts are great, but we currently have a shortage of tourists to buy them. It doesn’t help that as soon as you’re self-employed, you have to find about 270€ per month for social security. Frankly, you’d need a really good, original idea, and if I had one, I’d be doing it myself.

    Of course none of that means it’s impossible, just very difficult. I wish you luck, and I’m sorry that I can’t be more upbeat. We’re all hoping that next year will be better.


  12. Hi there.. my husband and I have going to La Palma since 1978.. now in our 60/70’s my husband wanted to get our marriage blessed at the little Church Virgen de Las Nieves.. near El Paso… I have not been able to find a contact number to anyone who can help us with this.. I am so hoping that you can help me!!! We are hoping to return next year in April for this!!

  13. I’ve not heard of people doing that before, but you can always ask. Do you speak Spanish? The phone number for the church is 00 34 922 416337.

  14. I do speak Spanish actually and fortunately…. I don’t know if they will do it but now I have a number, I can give them a ring!!!! Thank you so much.. I’d like to be able to grant his wish!!!

  15. Hi Sheila,
    Beautiful blog and work!
    I am wondering how it is for people with vertigo to go to Las Palmas. My boyfriend has some, he can go in many places without problem, but when you have very stiff parts he may get vertigo. Do you have anything to say about it? I mean are there alternatives, or you would definitely not recommend it for someone with vertigo?
    And maybe, do you know any guide for hiking where this aspects are approached so we can choose which way to go?
    Thanks in advance! Nutabi

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