Carnival programme for Monday and Tuesday: Santa Cruz and Los Llanos

Statues covered in talc at Los Indianos, Santa Cruz de la Palma
Santa Cruz de la Palma: even the statues join in Los Indianos

Monday 7th March

Santa Cruz de la Palma

Los Indianos

For most people, this is the big event. Many poor Palmerans emigrated to Cuba and Venezuela. This fiesta celebrates the ones who came home rich. Everybody dresses in white, some have suitcases full of monopoly money, and it’s a giant talc-throwing fight. You can see the timetable at

10:00 h. Waiting for the return of the emigrants in the plaza de España

10.00-14:00 h. Performance by the Orquesta Ritmo in the Plaza de la Alameda.

From 11:00 h. Groups playing traditional music in various parts of town

12:00 h. Performance of traditional Cuban music by “Cuarto Son”, in the plaza de España and reception for Tomasa the Black Lady, accompanied by the Academy of Musical Instruments from CajaCanarias, and dancing the Conga from the port to the Plaza de España.

13:00 h. Lunch for children from the Sahara in the sports centre at the Avenida Marítima.

15:00-18:00 h. Performance by Tinguaro A.K.A Mensey Live, Canarian artist now living in Barcelona.

16:30 h. Distribution of talc by the Fiestas Department of the Town Hall in the Avenida de Los Indianos (the main road out of town heading south.) Come to think of it, having a town hall department for fiestas sounds like a good idea to me.

17:00 h. Main Carnival Parade for los Indianos from the avenida de Los Indianos to the plaza de la Alameda.

18:00 -01:00 h. Public dance with music by orquesta libertad, in the plaza de la Alameda.

22:00-06:00 h. Public dance de Los Indianos, at the Carnival stage with music from the bands Arena Caliente, Salsaludando and Irosan, “for the delight of locals and visitors who come to this festival which transcends frontiers.”

Los Llanos

11.00 hrs. Children’s activities in the Plaza de España)

(22.00 hrs. Public dance with the bands Bolero and Los Geniales at the Carnival stage

Tuesday 8th March

Santa Cruz de la Palma

17:00 h. Fancy Dress Ball at the Old People’s Day Centre, with music from orquesta Ritmo.

Los Llanos

17.00 hrs. Carnival parade with street musicians, krewes, percussion, floats, etc. from the Avda. Enrique Mederos to the Plaza de España.

Flying talc, fiesta de los Indianos, Santa Cruz de la Palma
Flying talc, fiesta de los Indianos, Santa Cruz de la Palma

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