Carnival on La Palma

Poster for Carnival 2001 in Santa Cruz de la Palma
Poster for Carnival 2001 in Santa Cruz de la Palma

Carnival is a big deal in La Palma. By now we’re all fed up with the (relatively) cold, wet weather and ready for some fun. Carnival is just what we need: an explosion of colour and music with a dash of lunacy before Lent. I always say people are making sure they have something really juicy to repent, but these days most people just regard it as a darn good excuse for a party.

Friday 4th March
Santa Cruz de la Palma

17:00-22:00h. Wig festival(?), in the Cuadrilátero, with a prize for the best wig.

18:00 h. Inaugural Carnival Parade, with children from schools and nursery schools in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Breña Alta, Breña Baja and Puntallana, from the plaza de la Alameda to the carnival stage. On arrival at the stage, Children’s party.

18:30-22:00 h. Music from the band Orquesta Ritmo, in the Plaza de la Alameda.

22:00h. Public dance at the carnival stage, with music from the bands “Salsaludando” and “Arena Caliente”

Los Llanos
20.00 hrs Festival of carnival Krewes and Murgas at the Carnival stage
22.00 hrs Fiesta DJ’s at the Carnival stage
22.00 hrs. The kiosks around the Carnival stage will open.

Saturday 5th March

12:00 h. Opening production and speech for los Indianos accompanied by folk groups and Cuban groups, from the plaza de La Constitución to the plaza de España (where a parody will be performed) and on to the Alameda, where will play as a preliminary to the Ambassadors’ parade.

17:00 h. Reception for the Ambassadors (come dressed as any nationality you feel like) from Calle Apurón, past la Molina Artesanía to Bar Sputnik.

18:00 h. The ambassadors gather and parade along the Calle Real, accompanied by music.

22:30 h. Ventetian Fiesta from La Molina Artesanía to Bar Sputnik, Venetian masked ball performed by the municipal dance school, where spectacle, surprise and mystery are guarenteed…

23:00 h. Concert of music from the 60s and 70s with Retranka Big Band, in the Cuadrilátero (Bodeguita del Medio, La Cuatro, La Herradura y La Esquina).

23:00 h. Public dance at the carnival stage, with music from the bands “Salsaludando” and “Arena Caliente”

Los Llanos
Salsa music and mobile bars all day,
13:00 Music performed by Wamampy, La Caracas, La Libertad, Irosan y DJ at the carnival stage

Sunday &th of March

Santa Cruz de la Palma
12:00 h. Pasacalle (street band) Renacer, performing in various places (Calle Apurón, Town Hall atrium and placeta Borrero).

18:00-22:00 h. Musical performance by Orquesta Rico Son, in the Plaza de la Alameda.

19:00 Gran Batucada, (serious percussion) performed by groups from all over the island, in the main streets of Santa Cruz

22:00 h. Public dance at the carnival stage, with music from “Los Geniales”.

Los Llanos
10.30-13.30 hrs. children’s play activities (bouncy castles, workshops, games etc.) Plaza de España and surrounding area .

Monday 7th will be the big day – Los Indianos. I’ll post the programme shortly.

Meanwhile all over the island you can see people in fancy dress. I always enjoy the little kids best.

Small boy in Tigger costume for Carnival, Santa Cruz de la Palma
Chips is what Tiggers like best!

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